Arthur Lee

Director of Business Relationships


Years of Business Operations Experience

Arthur, an industry analyst spearheads the operations and marketing side of LifeXcel LLC. He has over 7+ years of experience and holds a professional degree in Bachelor of Business Administration. He has a demonstrated history of working in the alternative investment industry, which has equipped him with the expertise to effectively manage the operations side of LifeXcel.

He is our resident life settlement expert and is admired for his attention to detail, analytical mindset, leadership and problem-solving skills. As the Director of Operations, he leverages his excellent management and teamwork skills in order to ensure objectives are completed on time, so that are our investors financial needs are met. Furthermore, he oversees the smooth operations of all our client’s portfolios and under his guidance they are handled with utmost care.

His ability to think outside the box and address challenges head on, has made him a valuable and indispensable part of Team LifeXcel.

“My goal is to help educate and guide prospective investors by presenting them with an accurate representation of what life settlements entail and ensure a smooth on-boarding process. We inform our clients on not only the rewards, but the possible risks associated with this investment asset as well… Personally for me, I strive towards equipping my clients with the correct information which in turn will help them achieve additional diversification in their investment portfolio” – Arthur Lee

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