Valuing Life Settlements: Growth of Securitization and Sophisticated Metrics

Life settlements have recently generated a lot of interest in the capital markets due to the current demographic environment and the market growth expected from this asset class at present and in the future. Since the emergence of this industry, many financial institutions have been accumulating multiple life settlement portfolios that they expect to securitize


Effect of Aging Population on Mortality-Linked Contract

The U.S. demographic landscape is rapidly changing. Multiple studies show that one in five Americans will be of age 65 or older by 2040

This article will explore the current U.S. elderly demographic trends, the impact of COVID-19, and how accelerated growth in new retirees will affect the U.S. economy — government benefits- and in turn, the Life settlements aka Mortality-Linked Contracts industry.


13 Potential Risk Factors Of Investing In Mortality-Linked Contracts

As a prudent investor in stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and other investment products, you face lots of information to process and due diligence to perform. The decision to make becomes especially difficult for less known but sophisticated investment products such as Mortality Linked Contract.

To help the audience understand this product’s uniqueness…


5 Factors Why 2021 May Be A Good Year to Explore Life Settlements and Mortality Linked Investment Contracts

The Mortality Linked Investment Contracts, once, regarded as one of the most unrecognizable and underestimated investment assets, has become a valuable part of a professionally assembled investment portfolio managed by the most sophisticated individual and institutional investors.

Life Settlements as an asset class has emerged considerably into a more transparent, and highly regulated industry that provides reasonable accessibility and benefits to investors…


Life Settlements: Life Expectancy Assessment and The Impact of Longevity Risk

Life settlement is a longevity-contingent, insurance contract-based type of an asset class.

According to Stone and Zissu 2006 in a life settlement transaction, the original policyholder sells both the liability of future premium payments and the claim of the…


Top 5 Misconceptions About Life Settlements

The life settlement industry has been around for more than 100 years, and in the last 20 years has been gaining prominence amongst investors and life insurance policy owners. Life Settlements can be a powerful investment product for sophisticated investors that may provide further diversification to their investment portfolio, due to its non-correlated nature.

Unfortunately, many people are still unfamiliar with life settlements as a viable financial asset or are wary about investing in them due to preconceived assumptions…


Investment Portfolio Stabilization & Diversification Using Life Settlements

Life Settlements are valuable alternative financial assets traditionally held by many institutional investors in their investment portfolios.

The question thus arises is why life settlements are attractive to institutions and whether “mainstream investors” should look into them too.

Before we dive in, it would be prudent to formulate basic principles of the performance measurements relative to market volatility…


Life Settlements 101: Why People Sell Their Life Insurance Policies And Investors Are Interested In Buying Them?

Life settlement is a term given to the legal sale of an owner’s existing life insurance policy to a third-party. Through this contract, a policyholder, in exchange for valuable consideration, is willing to transfer beneficial ownership over the policy’s death benefit to an interested buyer. The new policy owner is responsible for future premium payments until the policy matures, at which point, the death benefit is paid to the owner.

The question thus arises, why would anyone want to sell a life insurance policy,…


Core Concept of Life Settlement Secondary Market and its Potential

The life settlement industry has been around for more than 100 years and has developed through several milestone and regulatory enactments. It has evolved rapidly from being a byproduct of the life insurance sector to becoming a separate industry increasingly gaining popularity amongst policy owners and investors…




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