Aleksander Dyo

Managing Director


Years Advisory Experience


Successful Ventures

For over 17 years, wealth strategist Aleksander Dyo has been on a mission to help profitable small business owners and high-net-worth individuals protect and grow their prosperity. As a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, and advisor, Aleksander brings his real-life experience and a practical rather than a theoretical application of wealth-building techniques to his clients.

He developed the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint to help his fellow business owners maximize their savings and protect their assets in order to excel personal wealth while continuing to build a profitable business. Throughout his career, he has helped generate over $40 million in tax savings with an average annual contribution of $380K per client to their private retirement accounts.

In addition to tax savings, Aleksander designs custom-built investment options with a median of $1.3 million account balance per client. His logical and concise exit strategies give business owners the confidence to retire,knowing that they have accumulated substantially more assets than before.

Aleksander’s expertise in creative tax-savings strategies has made him an in-demand speaker at many prominent industry conferences and financial education seminars across the country. His fluency in English, Russian, and Korean enables him to work with a more diverse client base. He is known for his straightforward personality, results-driven focus, and out-of-the-box thinking leading to innovative solutions for wealth creation.

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